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Atania Retail & Industries Private Limited working in retails sector, water purifier, health product, education Product and IT Sector. We at Atania believe in the power of teamwork and work optimization method and that every business opportunity is a chance to build a relationship for multiple stages. In current scenario we at Atania believe that there is a real energy that exists when working together to meet mutual goals. we believe that everyone has an inherent worth, and our goal to create an environment.

We Offer Best Services & Solutions:

Our goal is to partner with innovative companies and get their products into the marketplace ahead of the competition. We are focused on its prime objective- to deliver high quality solutions to its clients at optimal costs by adopting the most relevant and advanced technologies through empowering professionals and building trust-based relationships with its clients.

  • water purifier
  • health product
  • education product
  • ERP/Software
  • Website/Web Application
  • Mobile App Development

Our Products

Atania Retail & Industries Private Limited offers very essential products for a wide range of market segments and for
daily use. We offer a range of products and services in point of view of wealth and investment management.


Why Choose Us?

We are committed and experienced team member with a vision to building long-term relationships with our clients… we are partners for a better future.
Our Values:
We believe to build a Positive Team Culture through Family Spirit
Honesty - Always tell the truth, even when it hurts to do so.
Respect – Focus only on the positive qualities of everyone around you.
Humility – Do not place your wants before the needs of others.
We believe in customer satisfaction so much that we have built the survey tool right in our ticketing system

Expert Team

Our team consists only of highly experienced consultants, who are recognized experts in their particular field and who have themselves worked sectors.






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